We all go through this period of time, where no matter how satisfied we are at work, we have this desperation to take some time off from work and live our life without any stress. The desperation to take the corporate tag around our neck, toss it in the trash and just walk out of office. The desperation to take a long sabbatical and not be judged for it.

The desperation to just delete Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts and not keep scrolling pages at night, looking at others’ living a “happy life” and sighing. The desperation to throw the mobile phone into a river saying “Screw you, Candy crush enabling piece of shit!!!” and live a carefree life without having to inform people about your whereabouts.

The desperation to eat that piece of Toblerone which you have been avoiding for months just to be in shape. Guess what? It doesn’t matter. Eat that and enjoy every bite of it.

The desperation to follow your dreams and do whatever the hell you want. Go become a teacher, a zoo-keeper or a cook if you want to. Take that box of crayons that has been just lying in your drawer since a long time and start doodling a big ass masterpiece on the chart paper.

Go buy a box of clay and start molding it to whatever you feel like and make your friends clap for it because it will make you happy 🙂

The desperation to travel the world, meet new people, make new friends, know different cultures, go to a secluded place and sit alone for hours, thinking about nothing but just a screensaver playing in your mind. Once you are there, let the breeze caress that “Ugly” face which T.V commercials promise to make “pimple-free and toned”. Let nature tell you, “You silly bastard, you are perfectly fine just the way you are. I made you this way.”

The desperation to go on an adventure more often than bragging about your silly “I phone” which you will eventually get bored of as soon as the next model is launched. Instead go bungee jump from the highest height possible and feel that adrenaline rush as you scream your lungs out and realize that this feeling will never match up with any other.

The desperation to get to know your family better. Know how your father spent his childhood, who was your mom’s first crush, what is your brother’s passion, your parents biggest achievements and disappointments. Thank your mom and hug her everyday. Yes, every freakin day.

The desperation to live your life the way you want to, for the precise reason that it’s your to live. Fill it with love, friends, travel and a little bit of pixie dust. Because that is all that matters.

What are you waiting for??? Stop staring at your screen and get the hell out!!!

As I always say, eat healthy, be happy and keep rockin.




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