I was killed before I was born! (Women in India)

I took birth inside my mother’s womb. I love my parents so much, though they don’t know about me, yet. My mother took the test and found she was pregnant. She was so happy, I could feel it inside here. She informed my father and they both were so happy. They went to the doctor and discovered I was a girl. Their smiles vanished! What happened?? What have I done?? Is it my mistake that I am a girl?? They are in a serious conversation with the doctor. I see my father paying the doctor. No! They are planning to kill me. No, mother, father, please… Please don’t kill me. I am your little daughter. Your symbol of Love. ………… (They killed her. Why did they kill her? Whose mistake was it? The parent’s? Or the society? Or the people?)

What would have happened if she was born? : She started going to school when she turned 3. Her parents never really bothered where she was until she got her first periods. She told about the situation to her mother. She was worried. In India, once a girl comes of her age, she is supposed to stay at home, confined in one place for 5 to 6 days, have a separate plate, glass, pillow, bed sheets. (Yes! This is still followed in some places in India) After this, she was asked to be very careful when she went out. Staying away late was not allowed. She was asked to wear clothes that would “COVER” her body. She was still teased and whistled at by the guys on road. During the nights, she wondered “Why am I not supposed to wear short dresses? Why am I asked to be careful? Why does no one warn the men to behave well? Why are men allowed to roam around at night and not me?” and many more.

Her father dropped her to school/college and picked her up everyday. “You want to go to your friend’s place? Come I will drop you” he would say. She felt chained. It felt like something was holding her back. She could not express how she felt. After college was over, her parents started looking for a guy to marry her off. But she told them she wanted to work and build her career, follow her dreams, accomplish her goal.

But no. She was asked to do household chores and learn to cook as it was more important according to them. She used to wake up early, clean the house, cook food, wash clothes and repeat it again everyday. If something was not done properly, she would get beaten by her father.

Then she was married to this man who was almost twice her age. Why? Because, he demanded less dowry. Her parents took it as the best opportunity and sent her away. Once she got married, she had a lot of responsibilities as a wife, as a daughter-in-law, sister-in-law… She was beaten everyday by her old husband, her mother-in-law abused her for not doing her work perfectly, her brother-in–law molested her and threatened her. After all this she would still be quiet. Why? Because if she said anything, people will start talking things about her family and her family’s reputation would be at stake. What would happen if something like this happened? People would stop talking to any member of her family and they would not help them when in need.

She then became pregnant, for the first time in her life she felt happy. She had hope. She thought to herself that she would not let her child face whatever she had faced in her life. Her husband took her to the doctor. They discovered the child was a female. The mother was so happy but scared at the same time. Her husband was planning for an abortion and forcefully the child in her womb was killed.


The child that was killed would have gone through all this if she was born. So, was it better to kill the girl? I do not know the answer. Think for yourself.

I agree that nowadays, all of this doesn’t happen to a single girl but it does happen with every girl in India at some point of time in her life. If a girl is raped, she is the one who is blamed for wearing a short dress and no one even knows the man’s name and is not even bothered to find it out. A girl can never walk on a crowded street wearing a short dress or even for that matter say wearing a sleeveless top without being touched at the wrong places by men who pretend to be rushing.

Comparing the old times, we women have come a long way but we still have a longer way to go, before all of this is erased from India. Or can it even be erased?? I leave you here to ponder on this. Do let us know what you think by commenting.

Till then eat healthy, be happy, keep rockin





  1. Ramya Kumar · October 28, 2014

    Great work Pooja ๐Ÿ™‚
    Its really good of you on writing about such a sensitive stuff like this rather than just fashion and make up like most of us do.really admirable work.All the best Pooja.
    hoping for a better India for both men and women!


  2. Puneeth kumar. N · October 30, 2014

    Really a matter which needs a mass attention and everyone should have the courage to come forward to show the support for the issue pertaining. Even i am also the one among lot of Indians who wants a balanced love for both Boy and Girl.


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