How Bangalore changed my Life

I lived in Chennai before I shifted to Bangalore. As I stayed with my family, I didn’t get to roam around much or travel much. I then came to Bangalore in search of a job which I did get in a week — at Amazon. Yes, I am a proud Amazonian 🙂 

Once I shifted here in a PG, I struggled a lot as I have never stayed alone before. First struggle was to get adjusted to the food that was made in the PG (Yes, tell me about it). Then it was getting adjusted to new people around as I was never a person who would mingle easily. But I got adjusted or say I started talking to people and made new friends. But the struggle was a small part…

I started being independent — I learned to stay alone and manage. Met many awesome people at Amazon and had an awesome friends circle. Hangin out — sleepovers — gossips — work was fun 

And the first Salary of my Life!!! God!!! The feeling!!! Its just incomparable. Especially when you have worked hard, put your heart and soul into it and earned it. Adding to that was the feeling you get when you buy gifts for your loved ones with your first salary. Saree for mom, shirt for dad and lots of stuff for my sweet lil bro (skullcandy, shirt, t-shirts, accessories and the list will go on)

Well, this is basically my life. I work hard, make my family and friends happy, make me happy with a lil bit of shopping and having yummy delicacies (Yea, I am a foodie who doesn’t look like one :P), teach children in govt. schools, watch movies…

So, here is my first post. Yes, I have done it!! I used to think of topics to write about when I had thoughts about starting a blog but then never wrote one thinking I am not good enough. But I think its a pretty good start.. Lets see what more comes 🙂

Till then eat healthy, be happy, keep rockin